Federico Fiorentino, the company engaged in the design of superyachts in Milan, recently unveiled its new concept of impressive length of 50 meters, named The Belafonte...

The aluminum hull of the ship is very alluring, not only for its elegant and dynamic design, but also because of the unusual bronze color - something which guarantees that your yacht will stand out from the crowd of others in any marina.

As far as the accommodation on the yacht, there are five cabins: two twin, one double and VIP suite. This means that on this yacht 10 guests can comfortably enjoy, without any interference and congestion that could harm their comfort and good time, which is guaranteed on a yacht. The owners of yachts, of course, have their own private apartment, which has an area of nearly one hundred square meters. It is located in the front of the main deck and has a separate studio, balcony, two walk-in closets and bathrooms. Other premises which are located on the main deck are formal lounge, dining room, swimming pool, sky lodge with its al fresco dining area and a small bar.

Belafonte yacht is very flexible as it moves through water, especially when you consider its size. It can reach a maximum speed of 24 knots. Although this specific concept is not developed for a particular client, Federico Fiorentino claims that even now there are people who are interested in purchasing this magnificent ship.

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