If Tony Stark were to buy a yacht - this would be it

Hidden Portside design studio combines the elegance of times long past with a vision of the future ...

The result is a sustainably focused superyacht fifty meters long, which is currently in the concept phase, and was named Naboo. Barcelona's design studio did its best to make sure that the expressions eco-friendly and zero emissions became something that could be immediately associated with luxury. Naboo contains all that, along with an amazing and hitherto unseen aesthetic. The sleek silver superyacht offers ample space for ten guests in four VIP suites and a proprietary owner's section.

The eight-member crew can find their comfort in the rooms below deck, including the kitchen, which is intended only for them. This conceptual creation also includes a courtyard of almost one hundred square meters, connected by a vertical garden and a beach club, which is completed with a jacuzzi and a bar, which form the central core of three decks. Naboo is deeply inspired by the fictional planet from Star Wars, which partly explains the abundance of greenery.

The owner’s cabin features a jacuzzi and plenty of space to enjoy, as well as a private terrace. On the main deck you will find an open plan space with a "chef house" section leading you to another kitchen on the lower deck. In order to make this concept as sustainable as possible, in addition to electrical propulsion and solar panels on the roof, the materials used for the construction are recycled aluminum and synthetic teak.

Smart materials were used for interior walls to control the room temperature, without air conditioning. Naboo is an impressive concept that also comes with a tender garage. Here is how the studio describes it: "Naboo represents a completely different way of life, a 'smart luxury' in which sustainability is a state of mind, preserving the beauty and elegance of the past, relying on the innovations of the future."

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