Katy Perry became a godmother of the most luxurious cruise ship

It pays to be a global superstar, as evidenced by Katy Perry, who was recently named the godmother of the most luxurious cruiser "Norwegian Prima" by "Norwegian Cruise Line".

As a godmother, Katy Perry will fulfil the tradition and "baptise" of the cruiser "Norwegian Prima". She will perform at the baptism ceremony and smash a bottle of champagne on the bow of the cruise ship for good luck for both the ship and its guests.

The event is scheduled to take place on August 27 in Reykjavik, and the Norwegian Prima is the first ship to be christened in the Icelandic capital. The cruise ship is equipped with the best facilities and can accommodate 3,215 guests.

Guests on board will be able to enjoy more infinity pools on 4,087 square meters Ocean Boulevard, visit international outdoor markets, delight their palates with top culinary specialties and much more!

The biggest exclusive that "Norwegian Prima" will offer is "Speedway", the largest racing karting track on the sea, on three levels, about 420 meters long. It can accommodate 15 runners at a time, and drivers will have an ocean view on some parts of the track. Drivers will be able to drive up to 50 kilometres per hour and this will be the most ambitious racetrack so far. Prima will also have Drop - "the world's first dry slide with a free fall", as well as a three-storey hall that can be turned into a Las Vegas-style nightclub with a spacious dance floor.

Commenting on the status of the godfather, Harry Sommer, president and CEO of NCL, said: "We are so excited to welcome Katy Perry, one-of-a-kind artist and world sensation, as the godmother of our cruiser. We are incredibly proud that she will be part of the Norwegian Cruise Line family and we are looking forward to launching our beautiful, innovative ship with her in August.”

Noticing something similar, the superstar added: "My favourite way to relax with my family is on the water. Every morning when you wake up, you experience an amazing new look. I am very excited about this new, beautiful, high-end, high-tech ship that can go to sea and provide incredible experiences to many families. "

The cruise ship will set sail in August, and reservations were sold out back in May last year when passengers still hadn’t had a chance to see what all the luxury cruiser has to offer.

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