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In November 2012, the Riva shipyard has presented the first hints of their Mythos yacht, the biggest they've ever made​​...

This time, the Italian yachting company presents its new yacht, the most luxurious ever. The yacht, which weighs 35 tons, is 37 meters long and 7.6 wide. It is available in a standard version with three of the four cabins, and there is the ability to adapt in order to have five cabins. For its design, the same company is responsible, with whom Riva brand collaborates on all their yachts, Officina Italiana Design.

As chief designer, Maurio Micheli says, the entire concept and lines of this yacht were designed for only 10 minutes, but what makes this model stand out from all the others is the attention that is paid to every detail during the entire process of creating and designing. This would not be a Riva yacht if it weren’t is incredibly luxurious, and that is an element which is achieved by the use of elegant lines and tried and tested, high quality materials, such as steel, wood and leather.

With this new yacht, Riva brand definitely confirms its status as one of the best shipyards ever, and we really can expect only better, more advanced and luxurious designs in the upcoming future.

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