Roman Abramovich's £1 billion Eclipse yacht has its own missile defense system

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His 166-meter-long ship has twenty-four guest cabins, two swimming pools and a night club, and even a missile defence system…

Roman Abramovich left behind seven properties in Britain, including two houses in Lowndes Square, which together are worth more than 150 million British pounds. However, if you ask us, his most lavish and extravagant residence is his superyacht, Eclipse. Abramovich spent 350 million British pounds to build this ship, although many say that figure exceeded a billion because of all the luxury and safety extras.

As we learn, at the time he got the keys to his yacht in 2010, it was the largest private yacht in the world, and probably the most extravagant toy of its kind. Along with all the upgrades and maintenance costs, she has reached that famous price of over a billion British pounds.

Built by the renowned German shipyard Blohm & Voss in the Hamburg shipyard, Eclipse yacht was launched after five years of design, development and testing. Her length is, as we have already stated, about 166 meters, while her tanks can hold a million litres - this means that she can travel 6,000 miles before having to stop.

Roman Abramovich's Eclipse yacht has nine decks, while the highest of them contains two helipads and a garage. The helipad located in the front section opens to allow the Eurocopter EC155 to fit comfortably in the hangar below.

The eighth deck contains a swimming pool and sunbathing area, with a built-in grill and pizza oven. The main salon features a fireplace and a massive sculpture originating from Indonesia. There is also a swimming pool located on the seventh deck, whose depth can be adjusted, because its floor can be raised and lowered, so that it can also be transformed into a dance floor.

Abramovich's master suite is armoured, and the entire Eclipse yacht has bulletproofed windows and lasers that prevent the paparazzi from taking any photos.

There is also a huge gym on the yacht, as well as a spa area with a beauty salon, sauna and massage room. The lower deck contains suites and cabins, and the yacht can host 32 passengers and 100 crew members.

Each cabin has its own private cinema screen, jacuzzi, spa and special security systems.

Designer Terry Disdale recalled the day his incredible creation was launched: "Even though you design every part of a ship and watch it being built step by step, nothing can prepare you for the feeling you'll have when you see it fully built."

The walls of this yacht are covered with black wood, with silver details pressed into the grooves. The number of security gadgets this yacht has would put any James Bond villain to shame.

The glass is bulletproof, while the ship itself is protected by an anti-ballistic missile defence system installed by German specialists, AST. In case you think that's not enough, you must know that Eclipse yacht is also equipped with a three-person submarine, which can descend to a depth of 48 meters, so you can easily escape from any trouble.

However, Abramovich's superyacht is very expensive to maintain - it is estimated that maintenance costs reach the figure of 40 million British pounds annually.

In addition to this yacht, Roman Abramovich owns three villas in France, including the castle we just wrote about, four residences in Russia, three in America, a hotel in an exclusive part of Tel Aviv, as well as a luxurious resort on the Caribbean Island of St. Barts, worth 56 million dollars.

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