Steven Spielberg's magnificent yacht for sale

Steven Spielberg's films, three-time Oscar-winning director, have grossed more than $ 10.1 billion worldwide.

And now, his 85-meter-long superyacht will bring him an incredible 160 million dollars. The famous director got his yacht, named Seven Seas, in 2010 - it was created as a work of the Oceanco brand and contains four decks, a tank with 170,000 liters of fresh water, a fuel tank with a volume of close to 300,000 liters and a transition range of 8,500 kilometers. According to online materials, the Seven Seas yacht was constructed in accordance with the owner's specifications, while its interior design and decor are signed by Nuvolari & Lenard and Molly Iskasen.

It is not only equipped with a swimming pool, multiple spa sections, with a total of 17 TVs and smart technology that is easy to operate, but also requires a crew of 28 members to sail the seas smoothly.

The main salon with wooden panels is located near the owner's suite and is approximately the size of a ballroom. This area features multiple seating areas, a large TV and a bar with draft Guinness beer.

The dining room of the magnificent yacht has glass walls that open towards the teak deck, which is perfect for al-fresco dining or cocktails after dinner. The space in the guest cabins is also not modest - each of them is spacious, contains wardrobes, a desk and its own private bathroom.

The owner's apartment, ie the room in which Spielberg slept, conceived, planned and created, comes with a private office. It is a full-width cabin, with various seating accommodations and a generous wardrobe, with the inevitable private bathroom, which is the size of some master suites as we could see on other, somewhat less luxurious yachts.

One of the main benefits of the yacht is its state-of-the-art private cinema, complete with luxury sofas and a grand piano.

Fitness lovers who do not want to skip their daily exercises even when they are on vacation, can enjoy the fitness room and spa area, which is equipped with a massage room, sauna and steam room.

We can definitely say that Steven Spielberg really knows how to enjoy.

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