Vast 72 - a new concept yacht which changes all the rules

Today we will sneak a peek into the innovative concept of the 72-meter-long superyacht Vast, which was created as a work of Ocean Independence studio…

The exterior of the yacht is signed by designers Christopher Seymour and Carl Esch, while the interior design was led by Theodoros Fotiadis. The modern superyacht has an inverted bow and really interesting lines, representing a perfect balance between form and function, with numerous possibilities for enjoyment, luxurious spaces for outdoor entertainment and comfortable interiors.

Vast 72 yacht shows us geometric lines and wide use of glass. As Carl Esch, who managed its design, says: "We designed the initial look for Vast 72 together with our design partner, Christopher Seymour, with a clear vision of what we wanted to create - a sharp, modern and unique miracle, outside and inside."

The design has focused much of its attention on entertainment, which is evident through the numerous spaces dedicated to it, such as those at the stern, the beach club, the main deck and the bow. Unlike many other yachts, Vast 72 contains social spaces and a dining area on the main deck. The magnificent interior also includes a large dining table and loggia, while just behind is a spiral staircase with a central glass elevator.

"The design has an Art Deco character, which is refreshed with modern notes that come from fabrics, works of art and decorative furniture design. The walls represent flat, clean forms, while the inlays in the form of flamingos and circles add character and heritage to the whole story. All this is combined with a feeling of airiness and an abundance of natural light that enters through windows and openings in the form of modular balconies. It is an interior that is not only beautiful, but speaks for itself, offering a refreshing feeling, wrapped in a serious and robust Art Deco style. Balanced, exceptional and new, it is a design that cannot be strictly categorized", explains Theodoros Fotiadis.

The concept of a superyacht puts the owner's apartment in the centre of attention, as well as a smaller guest cabin designed for children. In order for all guests to have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional comfort, the yacht offers four guest cabins on the lower deck, each with its own private bathroom and direct access to the beach club. In total, the yacht offers enough space for 12 people in six cabins and fifteen crew members.

The yacht also includes a gym, three swimming pools, four jet skis and other water toys, along with a submarine and a touch-and-go heliport. What else do you need for optimal enjoyment on the high seas?

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