Let's talk about yachts and swimming pools, luxurious scenarios where beauty is a major imperative, in addition to excellent performance and technology...

In fact, when we talk about the swimming pools located on yachts, if you choose Pecchioli Ceramica Franco, the choices you have are still more extensive and virtually infinite. You can use whatever color you want, and if you choose this brand, your pool will carry the signature design studio LUCA DINI. This is precisely the case with the yacht Nameless, which is designed by Mondomarine shipyard in Savona. Dini has chosen a specific color, Lys 83, which is presented in a variety of styles, sizes and designs. This gave the opportunity to create the final details which are very delicate.

Gres Artistico, a new product that can be seen in the Essential Luxury catalog of the brand, is cleverly exploited in the design of the pool. In other words, by using a special kind of enamel, it is possible to manually set up a special kind of pottery in the pools, which gives them a specific and exclusive look. Techniques that the studio used when creating your design are a part of their tradition and it’s about a hundred years old, on the other hand, their materials are technologically highly developed, high-quality and innovative.

The yacht you see in the pictures is an intriguing use of their design products that offer a high degree of adaptability and flexibility, variety of colors and handmade versions, for lovers of luxury, who know what they want.

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