5 lessons we can learn from Polish millionaires

If you want to think like a millionaire, you have to keep many things in mind, not just money...

Although Slavic countries do not have as many billionaires as China, the United States or India, people who have managed to gain impressive wealth have faced circumstances that did not exist in many other parts of the world. In addition to the money they have earned, many of them have a unique vision that drives their lives.

What do millionaires think about? What excites and inspires them? In addition to being strong business players, some of them were able to connect their passions with professional ambitions. If that was impossible, they spent a lot of money to make this world a better place.

This time, we reveal five lessons of the Polish millionaires that can definitely inspire you.

Don't forget about culture - Jan Kulczik

Jan Kulczik is one of the most famous Poles in the business world, who passed away in 2015. During his life, he supported cultural institutions, but also certain artists. According to him, life without art would not be the same. When he became wealthy, he always found a way to support the people who make this world more beautiful. Without his support, many extraordinary theater performances, music albums and art exhibitions would not have been possible. After his death, several actors, musicians and other artists faced financial problems. Currently, his companies are run by his children Sebastian and Dominica, who do not always follow their father's passion.

Always looking for opportunities - Anna Podniesinska

She brought Bata shoes, Oscar Jacobson's clothes and DHL service to Poland. Her visionary instinct to seek new investment opportunities brought her immense wealth, but it also enabled her to change many lives. She is an activist who supports women on the path to financial stability. She owns several companies, but at the same time she is doing a job that is perhaps the most difficult - she wants to make other women's lives better, richer and happier. The life of Ana Podniesinska is a perfect proof of the theory that if we have our eyes wide open, we can always see a new possibility.

Never lose your passion - Michał Sołovov

Many people recognize his name as a rally driver and European champion from 2006 and 2008. He created wealth on an intelligent investment strategy. While engaged in racing, he became a shareholder of fruitful companies such as Cersanita (sanitary ceramics and tiles), Sinthos (chemical industry), Barlinek (renewals), Echo Investment (development activity). If you listen to any of his interviews, you would immediately realize that this man has never lost his passion for sports and talks about work in a similar way. His wild spirit enabled him to follow his passion and he seems to warmly recommend it in business.

Beauty is health - Dorota Soszinska

Soszinska and her husband created two giant cosmetic companies, Oceanic and Euro Fragrance. The innovations applied in her companies have changed the cosmetics market in Poland, but also become one of the leaders in the promotion of a healthy skin lifestyle. During many years of its existence, her company has made many campaigns that have influenced the awareness of women regarding skin health. Moreover, her work for the Foundation called "Dress for Success" is focused on helping women return to the labor market.

Little things give life taste - Teresa Mokrisz

The coffee and tea business is dominated by producers from more exotic countries than Slovenia. When Teresa Mokrisz started her career, life of women in Poland was not pleasant. She created a company known as Mokate, a manufacturer of coffee, tea and other products. Initially, Mokate products were only available in Poland, but are now available in 65 countries around the world. The company grew from a tea that belonged to her father-in-law into a huge international empire. One of Mokate's missions is to bring small joys into the daily lives of their customers. Mokrisz knows they make the day.

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