Apple is officially the most valuable company of the world

With the most recent jump in the value of shares, Apple exceeded the value of 2 trillion dollars and thus became the most valuable company in the history of America…

Over a short period of time last Wednesday, shares of the technology giant - which have risen by 60% this year alone, despite the pandemic - have collectively climbed to an incredible amount. Each share is currently selling at a price of about $ 470, but will soon be far more affordable when divided four-for-one, leading to a price of almost $ 117 per share. This division will in no way negatively affect the overall value of the company, but will simply mean that they will have more shares in circulation, which will further finance their expansion.

In addition, Apple is a rare example that shows the positive impact of the corona virus pandemic. The fall in the price of oil overthrew its previous king, Saudi Aramco, so Apple simply stepped in and took that place. Saudi company crossed the threshold of two trillion, when it appeared on the stock exchange last December, after which their value fell slightly.

While the tech giant is likely to continue its rise, they can't rely solely on their pedigree - at least not if they want to be number one. Other giant companies, such as Amazon and Microsoft, are also approaching this figure, fairly quickly.

One of the reasons for the growth of Apple's value during the pandemic are certainly the numerous streaming services that are charged, including Apple TV + and Apple Music, where the growth of the number of users during this fatal period is evident. Already now, you can find numerous rumors on the Internet about the launch of the iPhone 12 model, and if it is as successful as its predecessors, the path to the stars will certainly become less thorny.

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