Billionaire wants to buy half of the world to save it

That the world is truly an amazing place, we can conclude practically every moment in every day...

As you know, the saying that everybody has their own vision of the matter is definitely true and verified - each of us reacts differently to similar situations, including spending money. Many people who have more than enough money to provide for future generations enjoy buying exclusive and unique items, while others do their best to preserve our planet and turn it into a more beautiful place. One of them is a billionaire from Wyoming, who undertook to buy 15 percent of the planet, in order to double the amount of protected land and water surfaces.

According to the speculations, since the opening of the first national park in the world, Yellowstone, in 1872, fifteen percent of the land and only seven percent of the water surfaces have been protected in their natural state. However, scientists claim that we must protect at least half of the planet, in order to protect most plant and animal species from extinction. The mentioned rich man with a golden heart decided to donate one billion dollars of his private wealth, in order to bring us closer to that distant goal.

As we find out, his money will be used to create and further expand protected areas, so that it will cover up to 30% of the surface of our planet by 2030. The ambitious eighty-three-year-old billionaire, Hansjörg Wyss, who was born in Switzerland and now lives in Wyoming, has previously donated $ 450 million to protect over 40 million hectares of land and water.

He also supported efforts to combat poachers, river restoration, African National Park improvement and many others, while playing a significant role in preventing the fossil fuel industry from degrading protected land.

"The company has already identified nine locally run projects to protect our environment, which are taking place in thirteen countries, over 10 million hectares of land and 17,000 square kilometers of oceans, which will receive $ 48 million in aid," the statement said.

We have to admit that the world would really be a far better place, if more wealthy residents thought like Mr. Wyss.

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