Cristiano Ronaldo got an offer he cannot refuse

Cristiano Ronaldo has gotten an offer he cannot refuse – or maybe he can – worth 300 million dollars, if he’s willing to leave Manchester United and culminate his remarkable sports career in the Middle East…

As reported by CNN Portugal, not yet named football club from Saudi Arabia has offered this mega contract to the famous soccer star. The arrangement includes transfer fees of about 30 million dollars which would be paid to Manchester United, along with Ronaldo’s salary of about 125 million dollars for two years and 24 million dollars bonus for his manager, Jorge Mendes.

If this deal comes through, Ronaldo will become the highest paid soccer player in the entire world.

37-year-old Ronaldo came back to Manchester United last summer and finished the season as the best goalscorer, having 24 goals throughout season 2021/22. Despite of the terrible last season in the club, Ronaldo has said in June that he’s really happy to have stayed in United. Also, despite Ronaldo’s absence from the pre-season United tour because of “family reasons”, new club manager, Erik Ten Hag, insists that the football star is not for sale.

It will certainly be really interesting to see whether United will accept this amazing transfer fee, but considering the fact that Ronaldo believes that he can still play football at his highest level for a couple years, leaving Manchester United for a Saudi Arabian club might be a bit too premature.

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