Do you want to be a billionaire?

Did you know that Donald Trump has a book called "Think like a billionaire"?

Well, he did. Presidential candidate of the United States, which is known for its controversial statements, is well known throughout the world because he lives a very extravagant life. In his book he writes that "if you want to have the best, you have to know what is best. When you think like a billionaire, you then recognize the best things and enjoy them. Of course, this requires practice. Can you give five top jewelry brands in the world? The best champagne? The best or the most exclusive real estate? Most admired restaurants? If not, then you still have a lot of practice before you become a billionaire. Do not feel bad - I do not know all the answers! "

We decided to find out what is the best in the opinion of Donald Trump.

Cars: Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari

Trump’s favorite car is Mercedes, which he describes as "a reliable, stylish and powerful, all in one." He believes that Mercedes automobile brand products aren’t being pretentious. However, he has a Ferrari and Lamborghini and the "hill of other cars in different locations."

Suit: Brioni

Donald Trump is a man of high position, and knows that he must dress accordingly. Therefore, whenever he buys clothes he chooses brand Brioni. He buys a bunch of Brioni suits and recommends it everyone, unless they "have a strangely shaped body". He loves their shirts that fit his posture and built. Also, he had to say something very important about the dry cleaning, "Before I had a favorite Dry Cleaning, at Atlantic City, but I had to give in a little and to look at some of New York that will suit me. In fact, when you have a good shirt, who cares for dry cleaning? "When choosing ties, he again turns Brioni brand, while the brand Hermes has to be mentioned.

Jewelry: Graff, Harry Winston, Asprey, Tiffany and Fred Leighton

"Asprey brand exists since the eighteenth century and their jewelry makes the most beautiful woman of the world more beautiful. Besides gems, they are known for silver, leather, porcelain and crystal. Their boutique exists in Trump Tower, so I can visit them whenever I want, and practically every time I go, I purchase a gift for Melania. You can buy a gift for everyone there, and sellers are excellent. Winston and Graff have the best diamonds in the world in my opinion, "said Trump.

When it comes to shampoo, his favorite brand is Head & Shoulders. You're probably expecting to hear about a brand for which we have never heard of because it is available in only a narrow circle of billionaires, but - you're wrong. If anything, for some of us, this is a common point with Donald Trump. Who knows, maybe someday we become billionaires.

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