Exciting times in the lives of the richest Russians

Ultra-rich Russians have increased their value by almost half a billion dollars this year, thanks to a historic jump in the stock market last month…

Altogether, 22 Russian billionaires added $ 486 million to their fortunes, between the beginning of the year and December 1. Sixteen of them added over $ 14 billion to their assets, while six lost a total of $ 13.6 billion.

Lawmaker Suleiman Kerimov is the biggest winner this year, with assets increased by $ 4.29 billion, while oil tycoon Vagit Alekperovs uffered the biggest loss of $ 5.67 billion. Vladimir Potanin, whose company Nornickel is still recovering from the historic Arctic fuel spill, is still the richest Russian businessman, with assets estimated at about $ 27.6 billion. Potanin is the 44th richest man in the world, who has lost 409 million dollars so far this year.

The poorest Russian billionaire is a magnate in the world of fertilizers and a Jewish leader, Vyacheslav Moshe Kantor, who has a fortune estimated at 4.99 billion dollars, after earning 452 million dollars this year.

The state agency RIA Novosti states that the richest Russians can thank the jump in the value of shares last month for increasing their wealth. The ultra-rich have amassed an incredible amount of money this year, while the corona virus has tarnished the economic prospects of others.

By the way, 102 billionaires in Russia are the fourth richest group in the world, right behind Germany, China and the United States. However, as experts predict, Russians will soon fall by two places, behind France and India in the coming period.

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