How Prada and UNESCO want to change the world

We can safely say that the world's leading brands are the biggest influencers in the world…

What one brand does, many others follow and repeat, while the same can be said for their customers. When we speak about huge and influential brands like Prada, their actions often provoke violent reactions in the world, just like the one we are talking about today.

Prada brand has decided to partner with UNESCO to devise an educational program together to raise awareness and promote responsible behaviour towards the oceans. It is obvious, and clear to everyone, that we are living in a time when our natural environment is in crisis, along with the oceans, which is why collaborations like this one are created.

The company also states that the changes will begin to be implemented "at home", ie at its core, and that they have set themselves sustainability goals that are part of a multi-year strategy. This change in the Prada brand is already evident in their Re-Nylon initiative, where the famous brand will replace its famous nylon material with a version created from recycled ocean plastic.

Like any industry, fashion industry has its impact on ocean life, so this program will encourage students to develop awareness campaigns on ocean conservation and ways that fashion can make a difference and have a positive impact on its health by changing its own practices. A panel consisting of international members, including people from the Prada Group and UNESCO, will select the winner with the best campaign in May this year and the campaign will be presented at the United Nations in Lisbon next month.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Marketing Manager at Prada Group, said: “This collaboration with UNESCO is in perfect harmony with our philosophy and can be seen as a direct channel of communication with students from all over the world. We are proud to be part of this project, which came from an initiative designed to innovate products and create sustainable, raw materials. ”

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