Instagram's most influential and paid influencers

Before the explosion of social networks, the general consensus on the perfect job brought us to investment bankers, pilots, Formula One drivers, doctors and so on…

Yet today, a few years later, practically everyone would want to be an influencer on social networks. Think about it, why people wouldn't want it, because influencers make money by exploring exotic places, dining at the best restaurants and driving the best cars. Still, have you ever wondered how much influencers make on a yearly basis or per publication?

Since October 2010, Instagram has become a hallmark of social networking sites around the world, further strengthened when they merged with Facebook. Many trends are emerging on Instagram, and the idea of ​​Instagram influencers is definitely the most popular.

Social network influencers are people who have established credibility in a specific industry, have access to a huge audience, and can persuade others to listen to their recommendations. Influencers must have the tools and the authenticity to attract and motivate a large number of people, with the aim of expanding their influence. This time, you can discover the highest paid ones in our gallery:

1.Huda Katan - 26.9 million followers - earning $ 550 million as of July 2018

2. Daniel Bernstein - 1.9 million followers - earning between $ 8,000 and $ 20,000 per post

3. Rachel Braten - 2.1 million followers - $ 25,000 per post

4. Cameron Dallas - 21.3 million followers - Earn $ 17,000 per post

5. Loren Bulen - 2.1 million followers - Earn $ 9,000 per post

6. Liz Eswain - 1.4 million followers - earning between $ 6,000 and $ 15,000 per post

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