Most influential brand on social networks - Gucci

Over the past year and a half, there have been massive changes in fashion, as well as a perception that needs to wear some fashionable pieces.

From this so-called recession, fashion, designers are somehow more focused on key pieces of clothing, rather than instant clothes - the one you are buying almost disposable. Wondering what was the reason there was such a change? The reason is the brand Gucci.

According to the latest data from the company Bomoda, which researched the influence of big brands on social networks, the Italian fashion brand Gucci is the most influential brand. But it is not only influential in the world of social networks. They say that the brand is the main "culprit" of creating the concept of contemporary fashion and still has a tendency to change the view mode to the modern man.

Thanks to the creative director of fashion house Gucci, Alessandra Michele, which has an innovative approach and a little vintage fashion, now we have an explosion of colors and textures that are seen in fashion shows, gala awards ceremonies or on the street.

Instead of clear and clean lines and monohromastske aesthetics, are now increasingly faced with one eclectic approach to fashion. Golden knit skirts can now be combined with sweaters with floral motifs, and blouses with big bows today combine with various prints. Emerald green, mustard and purple and pink are the colors that exploded on the fashion scene, thanks to the Gucci brand, according to research company Bomoda. Shoes that are worn in the winter because they are placed fur, and seemingly impossible combination of disparate details are what is meant.

So, the rule is that there are no rules. Fashion is fun. Therefore, play!

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