One of the most luxurious UK villas has been robbed

Bad days happen to everyone, no matter how much money they have…

As many people say, wealth is not a sure ticket to happiness. In fact, a large amount of money can sometimes cause really big problems, which will definitely confirm the story we bring this time. The heir to the F1 empire, Tamara Eccleston, just had a really, really bad day. When she left the country for a holiday, thieves broke into her home in Hyde Park, which she shares with her husband, Jay Rutland, and a 5-year-old daughter, and reportedly stole all her jewelry.

Apart from the fact that she lives in one of the safest homes in London, her villa is also located on a street that has been described as the Billionaire Row, as you can guess right here are some of the richest households in the UK. Therefore, security is more than present.

Her villa, estimated at £ 70m, and has a staggering fifty-seven rooms, contained fifty million dollars' worth of jewels and jewelry. All of that was said to have been stolen in fifty minutes. Three thieves broke through the garden before heading straight for the safes. They took precious rings, earrings, as well as a Cartier bracelet worth £ 80,000 which she received as a wedding gift.

The heiress and her family are safe but angry and shocked because their loss is sentimental and monetary. A representative of the Eccleston-Rutland family said in a statement: “I can sadly confirm that someone has broken into their home. Internal security is cooperating with the police on this issue. No one has been arrested yet and is still seeking additional information. "

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