This is the youngest fashion influencer

Today's world in which influencers earn one average annual salary thanks to just one paid post is more than weird…

It is made up of men and women alike, different interests and phenomena are shared, conspiracy theories are exchanged, and products that do not have exactly the quality they boast about are often advertised. However, when a 17-month-old baby joins such a world, our curiosity awakens on its own.

Little Azalea has a wardrobe filled with branded items, including pieces from the Gucci, Burberry, Givenchy and many others, worth $ 6,600, while “her” posts are usually accompanied by negative comments about her mom.

Suela Gilaj, who is twenty-six years old and lives with her husband, two-year-old Fabian, in southeast London, created Instagram for her daughter. On her feed, we can see the cute little girl in designer pieces, along with a large number of followers and haters.

By all accounts, a large number of people resent the fact that such a little girl has an expensive wardrobe. Each of them agrees that parents always want to give only the best to their children, but many do not agree with Suela, because of sharing photos on Instagram.

Apparently, Azalea has already won contracts with brands, advertising their clothes on her social platform. We suggest you browse our gallery and discover photos of this baby influencer, who already has a wardrobe that many adult women would envy.

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