Tiny Town in Croatia Selling Houses for 15 cents – Here's Who Can Apply

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A house in Croatia could cost you mere pocket change if you meet the conditions...

In Legrad, located in northern Croatia, houses and building plots are on the market for 0.15 dollars – a symbolic price that practically makes them free. This month, authorities introduced a new series of affordable properties. However, not everyone can buy them.

If you want to apply for this initiative, know that potential owners must be under 45 years old, in a marital or extramarital partnership, have no criminal record, and must not already own property in the country.

Practically free houses are part of a small town's initiative to increase its population of 2,000. The initiative was first launched five years ago and is known as the "houses for one lipa" (Croatian currency) policy, reported the local Croatian media HRT. Since the policy came into effect five years ago, more children have been born in Legrad, and the municipality is building its first kindergarten as a result.

"A total of five move-in-ready houses have been sold. Three families have already moved in, and what delights us is that all three families welcomed a new member during their move-in. This has increased the number of children in the preschool center," said Ivan Sabolić, the mayor of Legrad, to HRT.

The available houses have different levels of repair needs. When 19 houses were put up for sale in 2021 for about 0.14 dollars, Legrad offered to pay $3,558 for necessary renovations, Reuters reported. At that time, residents had to agree to stay for at least 15 years, but it is unclear if these terms are part of the deal for this round of available houses.

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