Wanna visit Venice? Do it now - because soon, it won't be free

Ukoliko želite da posetite Veneciju učinite to što pre - uskoro će se naplaćivati ulaz.jpg

Remember last year, when we shared photos of empty museums, restaurants and abandoned city squares of Europe?

With the pandemic slowly stopping or taking breaks to gather strength for a new blow, the restrictions of many countries are becoming weaker, and popular tourist destinations, such as Venice, must find ways to control overcrowding. And while it is certainly good to see that the tourism industry is slowly recovering, occasional travelers from all over the world flocked to Venice and forced the city authorities to impose entrance fees, which range from 3.5 to 11.7 dollars, depending on the season.

Venice is certainly one of the world's major tourist destinations, and it plans to control the flow of its tourists, who visit it every year. In the coming years, in order to manage the number of visitors, people who want to visit this city will have to book their access in advance. In addition, toll booths will be installed at the main entry points of the historic city center. Covid-19 seems to have helped shape this plan, which will limit mass visits and improve the quality of the experience for both visitors and locals.

The plans were revealed by an Italian newspaper, La Stampa, with a package of measures aimed at controlling tourism. Residents and their relatives, children under the age of six and people staying in local hotels will be exempted from the mentioned measures. Currently, Venice receives about 80,000 visitors a day, which is an incredible contrast to the peak of the pandemic, when there was no one in this city, and the water in the canals became crystal clear.

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