Why Jeff Bezos Will Never Forget Where He Started

Jeff Bezos's fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, shared photos of her fiancé at his desk on her Instagram account, revealing that his workspace is far from ordinary.

As we learn, the affluent Bezos has been using a door as his desk for thirty years, remaining connected to his early days at Amazon when its value was only a fraction of his current wealth.

Jeff Bezos has achieved tremendous success, even though he started his business in a 1,540-square-foot rented house. Since then, he has built a new life and fortune, along with finding a new life partner in Lauren Sanchez. One might assume that he wants to distance himself from his past, where he had to work hard to launch his company and transform it into a globally recognized giant. However, Lauren Sanchez claims this is far from the truth. In fact, she photographed him at his desk a few days ago and posted a picture from the past. What has not changed are his focus, determination, and one of the original desks he made out of an old door to save money shortly after founding his company.

It is indeed interesting to see a man with enough money to buy an entire planet still using an old desk. As Sanchez says, "After all these years... When I caught him working this morning, I took this picture. I just love that he is still working from one of the first desks that have been around since the beginning. Countless hours of hard work and the heart of Day One can be seen here. Here's to the endless pursuit of what's possible."

Considering that Bezos founded Amazon in July 1994 as an online marketplace for books, this desk is nearly as old as the billion-dollar enterprise and is three decades old. Amazon's website notes that the company’s door desks originated in the summer of 1995 when Bezos and a handful of employees needed desks.

According to Fox Business, Bezos’s friend and Amazon’s fifth employee, Nico Lovejoy, explained, “We happened to be across the street from a Home Depot. He looked at desks for sale and looked at doors for sale, and the doors were a lot cheaper, so he decided to buy a door and put some legs on it.” He added, “We built door desks because it was the cheapest way we could find to support a desk. A lot of the things that we do are scrappy by nature. So long as the scrappy solution works,” Lovejoy said.

Lovejoy quipped, “I went out and replaced the hardware on the desks Bezos built. You would never want to hire Jeff Bezos as a carpenter. He’s much better at other things. I think he’d tell you the same thing.” He certainly is good at the things he knows, and the last 30 years of his life are proof. Interestingly, Fox Business also pointed out that thousands of Amazon workers continue to use modern versions of the classic door desks at offices around the world.

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