Long expected Karl Lagerfeld boutique in the UK has finally opened his doors…

Designed by the highest aesthetics and technology principles, this boutique wears the famous favorite colors of this amazing designer – white and black. This fashion genius has marked his presence in the boutique with a huge mural with his image on one of the walls. Decorations also exude his famous style – glittery surfaces, luxury sofas, staircase covered with opulent rugs and golden handrails and a large number of mirrors are what makes this space immaculate and special. Even the pillows scattered over the sofas wear his silhouette on them.

Considering the fact that this fashion designer had always been a visionary who thinks few moves ahead, this boutique is his new conquest which is opt to be successful. As a fashion world legend, he constantly brings revolutions in the fashion world, and this time he showed us how important technology is in all our lives. In his latest boutique gives you the option to socially interact via internet, since every changing room is fitted with an iPad. Clients can now take pictures and share them on Instagram, so everyone can see their new outfits.

In order to perfectly celebrate the opening of this new boutique, Karl Lagerfeld has designed a new special capsule collection. Inspired by London and Union Jack, or to be more precise the British working class, this collection consists of necklaces, bags, purses, glows, baseball caps, wallets and iPhone covers, which are decorated with the United Kingdom flag. This boutique also flares the latest ready-to-wear collection of his brand. 

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