Few days back, Christian Dior, luxury fashion brand, had presented its new Dior Baby / Dior Kids boutique in Paris, on the esteemed Rue Royale...

Not far from many other opulent spaces, Baby Dior boutique features famous Dior moldings. When you enter the boutique, you will be immediately directed to your preferred section of the store. In this interior scheme, whose discreet and elegant charm reminds us of a family home, with its antique fireplace an plate-covered walls, colors and the latest fashion collections for mini fashionistas pop out – dresses for little girls in bright colors, dark suits for little gentleman and softly colored shoes.

Ceiling was painted by Matthias Kiss, who had created the illusion of looking out a window into a rose garden of the house at Granville, where Christian Dior grew up.

On the first floor of this boutique, at the top of the elegant staircase, evening wear and most exceptional pieces are beautifully displayed. This store is perfect for those kids who want to look like little princes and princesses all day long. 

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