The Italian fashion house Moschino, stepped on the soil of the United States for the first time...

This brand has officially opened its boutique in America, or to be more specific, in Los Angeles. Their debut is a modern boutique designed by creative director Jeremy Scott. It covers an area of 400 m2 and has a white space with large windows facing the street. These windows entice passers-by to peek into the interior with their bulky installations of Coke cans.

Strategic placement that will inveigle customers has been the focus of Jeremy Scott, and therefore he had created such display windows - a can of Coca Cola is located in the front of the windows, while behind it is the Spring Barbie in the middle, and on the left and right sides are the mannequins that represent their spring collection. Chrome elements, shelves and cabinets made of wood were used for the sake of a stronger effect.

One wall in the space of this boutique is quite naked – it’s adorned with the double C logo. But, nevertheless, far more attention is directed towards the bulky cans of cola that adorn the shop windows. A lot of colors scattered on the area - red, black and yellow graffiti can be found all over the walls and ceiling.

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