Prada recently unveiled its first freestanding store in Osaka, Japan. Located in the upscale Shinsaibashi district, the store houses everything from men’s and women’s ready-to-wears, to leather goods, accessories and footwear.

Designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi the store stands tall at 30 meters, and stretches over a retail space of about 1500 square meters, across five levels. The store has to its credit an imposing store front, the grandeur of which can be spotted from a distance.

It is reported that this magnificence pays tribute to French-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of the leaders of the kinetic art movement. Its in his memory that the entire storefront has been made of backlit panels in golden-colored aluminum and polished steel that creates an unusual kinetic effect both in daylight as well as at night. Within, the store has been expertly divided into zones that sinuously are connected to each other through a series of openings in the ceiling work, leading to a skylight rooftop.

Every floor uses the best of materials some of which are Prada signatures. These include fixtures in polished steel and crystal, green fabric backdrops, black and white checkered marble floor, green velvet seats, and display counters with details in colored saffiano leather.

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