Infinitely modern - Burberry trench coat

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The humble trench coat has long been a part of the traditional fashion...

However, it is not so modest for a long time now, since it became part of the heritage of Burberry fashion brand and style that embodies what this fashion company emphasizes. If we think like this: the right feature of the brand Louis Vuitton are their monogramed suitcases, the brand Chanel has its No.5 perfume, then, for Burberry it is this trendy cream coat.

Last year, the fashion house that is a favorite among trendsetters, gave the traditional coat makeover, presenting it in two new and beautiful colors: red and navy. Now, they offer the possibility of personalizing the clothing piece, offering service of monograms.

Just a few seasons ago, they offered the same service to its famous poncho, with many ladies from the A-list flocked to buy this version. Perhaps because of that Burberry brand decided to transpose part of the magic of the monogram to your classic piece of clothing, which definitely will never go out of fashion. Just like a poncho, trench coat can get a monogram of three letters, with the selection of fifteen colors.

You can purchase your trench through their website, where you are given the option of ordering the monogram, as well as insight into the final result, which will certainly come in handy, when you think about all the available color combinations. This service will add another 150 € to the price of Burberry Trench coat.

Other Burberry products, such as the famous cashmere scarves, ponchos and My Burberry perfume for women, are also available to personalize in the brand boutiques, as well as on their website. 

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