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Brand Lema, which is engaged in producing "Made in Italy" furniture, has opened its first owner boutique in London...

Founded in 1970 by Meroni family, which is still in the ownership position of the brand, Lema has a strong tradition of Italian manufacture. They are a regular exhibitor at the Milan Furniture Fair, under the leadership of designer Pierre Lissoni, since 1994. They specialize in high-quality, innovative and sophistically designed pieces of furniture.

Their new boutique in the famous Kings Road Street was designed by Piero Lissoni, and the space is designed to represent the two main identity of this group - Lema Casa and Lema Contracts. These two fabrications represent the Italian brand as separate, but related pillars of development Lema brand. They are united with the help of unique ideas that are a part of each of their projects. They own and display the same knowledge, tradition and innovation that have always defined the essence of Italian design and unique world inhabited by Lemma collection of furniture.

Their London boutique was a significant international investment, which will be followed by other openings in New York, Miami, the Los Angeles, Beijing, Taiwan and Melbourne, or in all markets where the Made in Italy products have been recognized and appreciated.

Lema boutique in London is much more than just a showroom. This space functions as a furniture store, while at the same time it has all the qualities of impeccable design studio. According to Piero Lissoni, he tried to preserve the existing elements of space, taking into account the environment and the location itself. The original space has been partially renovated and new details have been added to it. Clean industrial style is mitigated sculptural staircase of white steel and matte oak.

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