Meet the man who just bought 99 out of 100 rarest sneakers in the world

He paid around 850.000 dollars and plans to keep them in a private museum…

Just last week, Sotheby’s auction house and Stadium Goods published that they’re selling 100 rarest sneakers of the world via an online auction, which will last until the end of the month. Still, one collector couldn’t wait that long and bought 99 out of 100 pairs in just six days.

Canadian entrepreneur, Miles Spencer Nadal, executive board member of multi-billion dollars investment company Peerage Capital, bought all models but one, for the steep price of 850.000 dollars. And no, this sixty-one-year-old man doesn’t plan to wear those shoes in order to gain street cred, but rather, he decided to exhibit his whole collection in a private museum.

Nadal, who is a successful businessman, philanthropist and a genuine sneaker-head, is also an avid collector of cars. During years, he bought over 142 models of cars and 40 motorcycles, which are exhibited in his Canadian museum. Collection also contains the first motorized vehicle – Karl Benz Motorwagen 1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing, along with the numerous contemporary supercars. He also collects rare racing artefacts, collectors’ items, antiques and many other things. Nadal plans to open his museum for friends and family, as well as humanitarian organizations.

“I was always an enthusiast and a person who values a unique artistry and collectors’ items, which have innovative designs, incredible quality and new and exciting trends in pop culture. Purchasing such an assortment of contemporary classics is a unique opportunity to create a substantial collection of sneakers of iconic proportions. It will be a magnificent addition to my museum and classic car collection”, said Nadal.

Why was one model left out of his reach?

Well, as it turns out, that wasn’t really his choice. Nadal originally made an offer to purchase all 100 pairs of sneakers, but the ultra-rare 1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat Moon Shoe were left open for public auction.

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