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Burberry boutique in Milan, received a new look and an expansion and now it boast a new luxury interior and digital conveniences...

This boutique has spread to the third floor, which you reach via a spiral staircase of Corinthian marble. It is located in the most luxurious shopping district of fashion capital of Italy, in Via Montenapoleone. This new space now reflects the design principles of their global offices in London's Regent Street. Burberry really invested a lot of capital and labor in their new digital video walls and screens that broadcast content related to the brand and live broadcast events from London's boutique.

Now this Burberry boutique has a Burberry Beauty Room, the first of its kind in Italy. There is also a private lodge for special clients seeking advice on styling and tailoring to measure.

In this boutique, which has a completely new look, fans of Burberry brand can find men's, women's and children's collections.

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