Sneak a peak into the temporary Louis Vuitton residence in Sydney

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The temporary residence in Sydney pays tribute to the spring / summer collections of the late Virgil Abloh from 2019 to 2022, showing the most exclusive pieces.

Four weeks ago, on December 15, Louis Vuitton opened a temporary residence in Sydney's Central Business District, which is part of a world series of events, created by the house and called "Walk in the Park". The exhibition remains true to the principles of the work of the late Virgil Abloh - expressing the connection between him and the community.

Visitors are welcome to discover the legendary sneakers and accessories from the men's collections for the spring / summer of the brand from 2019 to 2022. This is also a rare opportunity to get the desired pieces from limited editions and reissues of sneakers, sunglasses and jewelry.

Abloh wanted visitors to experience the legendary Louis Vuitton pieces up close and personally immerse themselves in his creative evolution. Throughout the exhibition, the designs are coded in accordance with the colours of the rainbow, in a sign of Abloh's debut fashion show and his spring / summer 2019 collection.

The collection of over 40 sneakers at the Temporary Residency in Sydney includes various editions of the cult LV sneakers that first appeared in Abloh’s inaugural collection.

The latest LV Trainer Upcycling from the Spring / Summer 2022 collection is also available for purchase in a limited series of 100 pairs.

The LV Runner Tactic sneakers presented at the men's / spring / summer 2022 men's show will be pre-launched in green. As the name suggests, Runner Tactic is inspired by running shoes and is made of a mixture of mesh textile and suede calfskin with reflective monogrammed flowers on the side.

Other exclusive accessories include 1.1 Millionaire sunglasses in purple and Monogram Kites. The 1.1 Millionaire sunglasses are available in over 20 colours. The sunglasses are reminiscent of the glasses worn in the late 1920s in Chicago, which was dominated by Al Capone - a windy city that was a constant inspiration to Virgil Abloh.

The Temporary Residency is now open and will continue to operate every day until March 15, 2022 at 138 Pitt Street in Sydney.

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