There is nothing more relaxing and refreshing as visits to a sophisticated spa...

A vacation during which you really need to escape from your daily routines and habits are there to rejuvenate and give you new energy for the challenges ahead. Spa centers are the right place for such holidays, and we will this time present the 10 most luxurious spas of the world, you must visit at least once. These spas are known for their precious and luxurious treatments, which are all but predictable and common. Expect distant destinations, sensual treatments, perfect service and feel as a member of the royal family. Money may not buy happiness, but you can use it to pay for a perfectly luxurious spa treatment, which is close enough.

10. Shantigiri Schloss Elmau Spa Retreat, Bavarian Alps

Luxury treatment - Physio floating massage - $ 100

Tucked on a sunny hill with a spectacular view of Wetterstein Mountain and Ferchenbach Creek, Schloss Elmau resort is a paradise for lovers of spa centers. Shantigiri spa is reserved for guests who rest here, and offers them a wellness complete experience with relaxation rooms, saunas, teahouses and cold pools. Here there are treatments of all kinds, which will take care of all your wishes. The one which stands out the most is the Physio floating massage which last 45 minutes and takes place in the pool with the water that is warmed to 35 degrees. You float in the pool with a pillow under your head and floating lever under your knees while you’re enjoying a massage performed by a therapist which removes tension throughout your body. The treatment culminates with a massage of the back and neck. The specialty of this treatment is weightless suspension that gives the therapist the possibility of three-dimensional rotation of the spine and major joints. This treatment costs $ 100, and after it, you will feel like you’re born again.

9. Four Seasons Alexandria at San Stefano, Egypt

Luxury treatment - Cleopatra treatment - $ 160

This award-winning spa is liked by both critics and fans of the spa experience. With fourteen treatment rooms, two suites for couples, saunas and lodges with hot tubs, the spa is an exotic place to escape from the dreary everyday life. It draws on a rich history of the region in which it is settled with the aim of creating a luxurious treatment that will take care of your body and spirit. 2,000 years ago, Antony and Cleopatra spent the winter in Alexandria. Her legendary beauty was the inspiration for many stories and spa treatments. Treatment that is named after her is pure decadence. During this treatment Egyptian milk is used, with the addition of honey, as a real bath. Massage lasting 50 minutes is the icing on the cake of this treatment, which costs $ 160.

8. Emirates Palace Spa Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Luxury treatment - Palace massage - $ 215

With a list of ingredients that includes things such as gold, diamonds and caviar, this spa gives all its guests the royal treatment. Ancient traditions like the Moroccan hammam here are combined with modern technology for skin care and personalized service. The most famous treatment of the spa's Palace massage, consisting of three different massages, each of which is designed to reach harmony, gathers new energy and relaxes your body. Massage which achieves harmony of body and mind benefits golden oil. Massage designed to gather energy uses diamond oil that restores vitality, while massage for relaxation serves caviar with oil, which has a calming effect. Every massage treats other body parts and costs $ 215.

7. Spa Botánico Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Puerto Rico

Luxury treatment - Hammock Massage - $ 225

Located in the middle of the pineapple garden, Botanico Spa is a true tropical paradise. Here you can enjoy soothing ingenious traditions and local ingredients that provide flawless sensory experience that leaves you in a state of complete relaxation. Treatments in the houses on trees, outdoor showers and swimming pools are there to provide you with the best possible sense. The best part of the summer holiday is enjoying the sun loungers, in the shade of tropical plants. Spa Botanico had turned this tradition into a unique and satisfying spa treatment. While swinging in hammocks, you get a rhythmic massage with focus points on the back, arms and legs. With the sounds of wind and ocean, what more do you need to relax? This treatment lasts 60 minutes and costs $ 225.

6. The Spa at Trump SoHo, New York

Luxury treatment - treatment with diamond dust - $ 275

New York, like all the other big cities, makes you pay the price of living in it. Fortunately, there is a spa in Trump Soho, which will easily remove all the worries and bring you into the mood of peace and relaxation. This spa is the only Hamam in the city; in addition, the spa offers spacious open and closed treatment rooms, loggias and three spa suites. One of the treatments that you simply have to try if you find yourself in this spa is the treatment with diamond powder that cleans your body, reduces tension and eliminates the effects of electromagnetic pollution. The velvety formula mud with diamond powder is applied to your entire body, and it is accompanied by thorough massage with soft magnetic gloves which easily lift dust and leave your skin clean, hydrated and brighter. This treatment lasts 60 minutes and costs $ 275.

5. Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Center Hotel Café Royal, London

Luxury treatment - massage Sodashi Crystalus - $ 280

Described as an urban resort, this spa as their priority takes a holistic approach to well-being. Their treatments are not based on temporary repairs, but they aim to promote health, happiness and fulfillment, while improving your personal balance. This spa uses natural elements to create experiences where body, mind and soul are in one plane. Located in the Café Royal in London, this spa is an oasis of peace and wellbeing in the heart of the bustling city. Australian brand that is dedicated to nurturing your skin Sodashi is considered one of the best assortments in the world. Akasha now offers eight treatments, including massage Sodashi Crystalus by this brand. Massage lasts ninety minutes and uses ancient Australian healing stones and crystals with the aim of influencing your mind, body and spirit, bringing you total harmony. After this treatment you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced, and all it will cost you $ 280.

4. One & Only Spa at One & Only Hayman Island, Great Barrier Reef

Luxury Treatment - Ocean Dreaming - 315 dollars

Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, surrounded by impeccable, crystal clear waters, One & Only spa is an escape from all over the world, a hidden place that gives you the opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries. This spa offers you a wide range of treatments, and uses Amala products. This spa center offers you an adventure that is called Ocean Dreaming, and takes place in the blue waters of the sea. You float on the sea, surrounded by tropical fish, while a therapist gives you a soothing massage that fits your particular body type. With this massage using warm botanical oils combined with the waves, you will be calm and forget about all your concerns. At a price of 315 dollars, this spa treatment can be the adventure of your life.

3. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York

Luxury treatment - Jade Stone Facial - $ 365

This is another urban resort which offers a quiet and meditative setting on your way to relaxation. This spa offers you the old and new treatments that not only promote the well-being but change in lifestyle. Located at 35th floor of Mandarin Oriental hotel, the spa creates an environment that soothes the mind and captivates your senses. Facial treatment that is specifically allocated to this spa center is a non-invasive anti-aging facial treatment with jade stone, which uses a patented stone that helps detoxification, strengthening and lifting of facial tissue for healthier and younger appearance. For this treatment Dr. Zhang assortment products are used, and it all starts with exfoliation with powdery beads. Then, it is followed by a series of massages and manipulations with jade stone. These massages are designed to exercise the muscles of your face and promote lymphatic drainage. At the end is applied Nefeli® mask, which nourishes and moisturizes the skin, while guests enjoy a massage of arms and legs. This treatment which lasts 80 minutes costs $ 365.

2. The Ishtar Spa by Resense at Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea, Jordan

Luxury treatment - Bathing Kur - $ 430

The Dead Sea has long been known for its medicinal properties and as one of the best healing destinations. Ishtar spa uses the best of its location, offering luxurious treatments and personalized service. This is the largest spa in the region, and includes six open individual rooms for treatment or relaxation, hydro services with steam room, sauna and hot tubs, heated Tedidarium lodges, Dead Sea basin and the largest hydro-pool in the Dead Sea. Bathing Kur service consists of disparate treatment, including hot and cold baths, cleaning and massage salts from the Dead Sea and mud, as well as treatment in the sauna. This treatment is aimed at promoting the health and well-being, and ends up with sleeping in a room where you can forget all your worries and turn off your brain. The treatment lasts three hours, and is a tribute to the old techniques and costs $ 430.

1. Bulgari Spa at the Bulgari Hotel & Residences, London

Luxury treatment - Cellular Exclusive Lift concept - 1,415 dollars

This is one of the biggest spa centers in central London. Bulgari spa reflects the aesthetics of Italian design, which is inspired by the long history of the brand. Spa offers impeccable range of services and treatments, and acts as a calming center in an urban environment. This spa is open to hotel guests, but also offers a membership program for people who want to enjoy their spa treatments. This spa offers Swiss facial treatments, among which stands out the Cellular Exclusive Lift concept. This treatment attacks the skin aging at several levels - it improves the firmness of the skin while promoting cell renewal. Wrinkles are smoothed and skin is visibly lifted. This facial treatment lasts 80 minutes and takes into account all requirements of the skin, as well as environmental factors and lifestyle that can affect the skin. It costs 1,415 dollars.

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