A unique wellness club in New York

Wellness has become a fascinatingly modern trend over the past few years, and by all accounts, it is a fad that will never bore us…

Smoothies with super foods, days off for the sake of mental health and much more appeal to just about everyone. Still, we suggest that you at least briefly delay your snack with acai berries, and start saving for The Well, New York's newest luxury wellness club.

The center's official website describes it as a complete "wellness ecosystem in which your health is integrated, proactive and personalized, leading to a balanced version of yourself." The company behind this center uses Western medicine science and the wisdom of Eastern healers to offer us holistic healing, both physically and mentally. As for the establishment, there are meditation dome, spa, private gym, shared sauna, movement studio, reflexology lodge, library, organic restaurant and annex for private parties. The club itself will not only provide you with physical treatments such as acupuncture and yoga, but also offers you several health education options, including sessions with personal trainers and weekly fitness programming. The purpose of this center is to provide you with all the necessary services, encouraging you to take your own wellness into your own hands.

The club is designed by the Rose Ink Workshop creative agency, which mainly deals with interior design. The company's goal is to "further emphasize the preparation of unique branded experiences that make people smile." The Well combines luxury and simplicity to create a soothing aesthetic. The main motifs are evident throughout the building: bright open spaces, neutral tones, lush greenery and natural wooden elements will captivate you. The design is specially designed to help members appreciate the design of the human body and to be in harmony with all living creatures.

The Reflexology Lodge, for example, has white walls decorated with delicate macramé. The room also has gray and beige armchairs, gray countertops and similarly toned blankets and baskets of neutral colors. The only breath of color in this space creates the greenery of lush plants. The motion studio is painted the same colors, with delicate white walls and even gentler pieces of lighting.

Other parts of the club retain the same aesthetics but contain elements that emphasize their unique intentions. The meditation dome received soft carpets filled with white candles, while the gym features coordinated training equipment and interesting lighting pieces that remind us of ropes.

As great as all these spaces are, the library is definitely the most colorful room in the center. Its walls are white but paired with turquoise rugs and a bright pink sofa. The room is also decorated with accent pillows and other details, while shelves are decorated with artwork of different tones.

Priced at $ 375 per month, you can enjoy all the benefits of the club. What do you say?

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