Designed by Hrisch Bedner Associates in Istanbul...

Hirsch Bedner Associates’ (HBA) recently completed design for the much-anticipated ESPA spa located in the Istanbul EDITION hotel.

Here is a short description from the project developers:

“The contemporary spa was inspired largely by Turkish traditions, with design elements that echo the Hammam customs and atmospheric elements of Istanbul. This juxtaposition of the old with the new create a uniquely contemporary and luxurious space. Elements like embossed bronze floors, chocolate brown marble, cast bronze sinks, walls of crystals and lighting effect gives the spa a warm, rich and mysterious ambiance.There are very few straight walls or corridors in guest areas and that helps to make the spaces mysterious and allows guests to discover new areas as they journey through it. Crystals are delicately integrated into the spa design in their most natural state. Their faceted edges, which glisten in the light, reinforce the atmospheric feel while exuding a distinct sense of luxury and elegance. The play of light was one of the main component in the design inspiration and was drawn from the faceted cut out patterns found in a traditional Hammam.”



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