Discover luxury and magic on your way to Machu Picchu

Located on the charming hacienda from the seventeenth century, on the way to Machu Picchu, the incredible Aranwa Sacred Valley hotel will impress at first glance...

This hotel will delight you in many ways - it offers superb views of the Andes, luxurious accommodation and world-class service, beautiful pool, spa with alternative treatments, beautiful restaurant and museum!

We doubt that the inhabitants of the historic Inca citadel, built above the Urubamba river valley in the fifteenth century, have ever thought of such sophistication. However, once you see what they managed to do so high in the Andes, with stone walls made without mortar, we are sure that you will be intrigued and wonder what else they could create.

Still, let's get back to our story about this hotel. Promising a unique mix of beautiful colonial style and modern five-star luxury, the Aranwa Sacred Valley hotel will offer you spacious rooms and suites with Jacuzzi, king-size beds, cushy LCD TV sets and other luxurious amenities.

We believe that you’ll spend most of your time in this hotel in its charming spa center that will delight you with its range of services with massages and treatments using natural products and traditional therapies.

After sunset, there are three different dinner options available, which include a wonderful fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, organic products and beverage menu, while an impressive collection of wine will accompany you whatever you choose.

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