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More photos

Luxury homes today are not what they once were - and this is actually not such a bad thing ...

But is it too much to ask for a private sauna inside your home? Well, no. The time has come for innovation in this segment. To create something different and exciting, people from goCstudio created stunning, floating wa_sauna.

This company is currently working on making your concept into reality and realize their dreams, and dreams of many hedonist worldwide. The good news is that they have completed the testing process, so this floating sauna can be seen in the lakes in Seattle.

Designed as a private hideaway for their future owners, this interesting idea awakened the imagination of many people. In Washington State, it is registered as a boat, and it runs on electricali engine.

Its price is $ 20,000, but is not yet available for purchase, and this studio claim its going to be avalable soon. Originally, the plan is only for the people of Seattle, but the sauna awakened interest of owners of luxurious coastal hotels, resorts and luxury homes, who want to own at least one in the near future.


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