Italian Studio D73 finished work on the new Golden Mile Fitness Center project...

The complex is located on two floors of the Park Palace, a luxury residential complex, and occupies a total area of ​​4,500 square meters. An Italian architectural firm, the Studio D73, was engaged to work on this project. The club has a SPA and fitness areas, a water zone, beauty center, and even an oriental medicine center. This project required the latest and best modern and aesthetic solutions possible in the design and engineering fields.

"The choice for supplying partitions and doors for the Golden Mile project clearly fell on NAYADA, which has established itself in the international market as a reliable and competent company. The Golden Mile Fitness and SPA Club – is the embodiment of the highest degree of excellence in Italian design, which uses materials and elements of absolute prestige. Studio D73, which is accustomed to using high quality partitions and doors in their projects, for this project chose NAYADA, a company that is fully capable of providing guaranteed quality,” Studio D73 said about its cooperation with NAYADA.

Architects meticulously thought through all the details of the relaxation area. The project was divided into separate spaces: the upper floor with a beauty salon and a Chinese zone, and the ground floor with a beauty zone, gym, swimming pool and a wellness zone. The architects sought to create a unique style for each premises, thinking through all the details.

NAYADA all-glass partitions, used in all areas of the center, emphasize ascetic-white purity and luster of the spaces.

The entrance lobby is created in the form of a glass cube. Thanks to the use of pendulum hinges, the door opens in both directions.

The health food restaurant space is divided by NAYADA-Crystal partitions. The glass was sandblasted using Italian stencils, repeating the patterned floral designs found on wallpaper coverings in the rest of the rooms of the center. Mirrored ceilings visually enlarge the height of the premises.

All profiles and attachments systems of NAYADA-Crystal were placed in the floors and ceilings to free the interior from unnecessary parts, and leave only the glass visible. For some areas, NAYADA created complex systems for fastening the glass partitions.

On the glass doors and partitions, we applied gradient film, which ensures a smooth transition from completely opaque coverings to completely transparent glass.

Spacious gyms, including the children's hall, were finished using NAYADA-Twin double-glazed partitions. This solution allowed us to achieve a high level of sound insulation. The matte graphic-logo of the Golden Mile was applied on the glass of the partitions.

The customer wanted to avoid using “dead end” doors, as well as transparent doors, but wished that they nevertheless transmitted light. As a result, NAYADA experts installed NAYADA-Crystal doors with “triplex” laminated glass, thanks to which, these doors are characterized by their high strength. Instead of the standard filling film, we used light shades of cloth.

The water zone, with its 25-meter swimming pool, became another major decoration in this project. The premises are zoned using NAYADA all-glass partitions and doors. The partitions were designed in the same style as the rest of the interior – some partitions are decorated with sandblasted designs – and others with a matte gradient film.

“The goal of Studio D73 in working on the Golden Mile project, as well as on all our projects – was to excite the visitor: to create in each space a special, diverse atmosphere, thanks to finely-crafted plays of light and color. The main challenge for Studio D73 in this project was to create a ‘Class A’ fitness and SPA center from the ‘source material’ – a big box with low ceilings. The result was a fitness and SPA center, which surprises the guests, causing in each of them a galaxy of different emotions, depending on the room that they are visiting. The Golden Mile – is the realization of an ambitious project using the highest level of materials. The project speaks for itself – about the perfection of the ‘Made in Italy’ concept,” commented architects Marco Vismara and Andrea Viganò, the founders of Studio D73.


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