Iridium Spa at St Regis Mumbai

Born with congenital DNA of St Regis brand, Iridium Spa provides flawless touch of enjoyment to each moment of life...

The first of its kind in India, the spa center, which is part of the St Regis Mumbai hotel offers a wide range of rare and sophisticated services. Literally translated, the name means "made of Rainbow", and the word itself comes from the Greek language, and is the name of the goddess Iris. Iridium is also one of the rarest and most precious materials of our planet, or something in between metal from the platinum family and densest material in the world.

Iridium spa offers you flawless and sophisticated treatments, performed superbly by award-winning professionals, which distinguishes this resort from all the others, alike. Within, Iridium spa has nine treatment rooms, and six of them equipped with a luxurious sauna and hot tubs. To provide popular experience, the spa also includes a room for Thai treatments, as well as the suite for couple treatments in a very intimate setting.

Also, unlike other spas, Iridium offers specialized treatments for men who recognize the need for skin care. Men have stronger skin, which is thicker and more resistant compared to female, but for that very reason they need to use specially designed products. Long working hours, stressful environment, like life itself, affect the skin of men and Iridium spa offers them the opportunity to give their skin, body and spirit a few moments of enjoyment, after which they will certainly feel better.

Iridium spa offers special packages for newlyweds, or rituals that are performed before the wedding, so that the skin looks shiny and healthy, and the body and mind are relaxed and open to fun and good times.

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