New spa experiences - something for everyone

From local inspiration, to sophisticated beauty treatments or spiritual experiences, new several-day spa journey, giving you the chance to enjoy a personalized service...

This brilliant experience is offered to you by the Four Seasons Resort in the Seychelles. With the relaxation area, which overlooks the picturesque bay of Petite Anse, the resort offers you a sense of peace from the moment of arrival - it is an experience that is waiting for all guests who opt for new personalized spa journey.

Offering customized relaxation, the spa service combines wellness treatments, classes and rituals in a carefully thought-out program. By booking Spa Journey program, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a completely flexible schedule of treatments, whether they opt for the daily spa session or a few days of treatment for complete recovery process of the mind and body.

New spa trip at Four Seasons resort in the Seychelles contains the following offers:

Seychelles Favorites - it is a mixture of local herbs and spices that will soothe your senses, while traditional techniques balance with the beauty of exotic environments. Treatments that are part of the offer: Coco de Mer Ritual, Mahe massage, Hilltop Fusion Rainforest massage and facial treatment.

Ocean Connection - to hydrate, purify and refresh in a soothing combination of wellness experiences that are inspired by water. Treatments that are part of this package include private yoga on the beach, Marine pack for detoxification, Shell Serenity Massage and Marine Mineral Facial Treatment.

Spiritual Journey - the awakening of inner energy balancing chakras and Restoration connection with nature. Includes Private Mountain meditation, yoga in Private Foumbi, Bio Energy Mud packing, Kundalini massage, Ananda facial, ILA Night In Villa Spa and ritual bath.

Grace & Beauty - pamper your body, bring it into a state of relaxation, while your hair, skin and nail are being taken cared by specialists. You will enjoy the Ultimate Anti-Ageing Samadara facials, Refining Body Toner treatment, Signature Earth massages, and hair treatments with coconut oil, manicure and pedicure.

For Lovers - share your relaxation in the most beautiful surroundings, enjoying the Blissful Connection, Romantic Massage Under the Stars and the In Villa Bath Ritual treatments.

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