Six Senses Con Dao is a beautiful resort located in one of the most beautiful Vietnamese archipelago...

Its name reminds us of the six senses of Buddhism, in contrast to the five senses, which are known to the rest of the world, where each of them is dedicated to one treatment in this luxurious resort. Like all other Six Senses Resort, this one is also located at a remote destination, which can be very easy accessed - from Ho Chi Minh you can reach it in less than 45 minutes by plane. Upon arrival at the resort, you can expect a choice of magnificently spacious and luxurious villas, with panoramic views of the ocean and private Infinity pools.

There is also a large number of restaurants where you can enjoy fine meals, such as the Six Senses Con Dao, which serves traditional Vietnamese cuisine, as well as Asian fusion cuisine with world-wide, and especially Mediterranean dishes.

Spa center that is part of this resort is the place where you can relax and hide from the bustle of everyday life. It offers its guests four indoor treatment rooms, one room with Thai therapy, three rooms for treatments in the open spaces, pavilions for yoga and meditation, as well as a bar with freshly squeezed juices. Finally, when you’re finished with taking care of your selection of amenities this resort, the only thing you can do is to explore the sheltered and picturesque environment - it will be a treat for all your senses and experience that you will never forget.

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