Sneak peak into new Chanel spa

New details about this prestigious and long-awaited spa center finally showed up...

This is the first Chanel spa, and all are eager for any details of the new offer of the prestigious French brand. Of course, they will offer us a lot. The first Chanel Spa will offer us neoclassical pool and a completely different insight into the luxury spa. Seven treatment rooms will be equipped with their products for beauty care and treatments that will be offered will include Ayurveda, body and facial treatments, massages, reflexology, scrubs, baths and Shiatsu.

Massage is a central part of every Chanel treatment, and they used Eastern and Western techniques to create their very interpretations that include the best of both world. Their "signature" treatment will be fasciatherapy, but the focus will be on the thin membrane that protects the structure of our body.

"The expert will investigate membrane with their fingers, finding areas of tension in the face and body. During the massage the therapist will use circular micro movements, gentle drumming, circular massage with palms, pressure on certain parts of the body, and light, deep and precise movements that will cause a reaction of the body that will eliminate the blockade. This is actually a very intriguing and sensitive work involving all tissues, from the deepest to the surface ones, and aims to "fine tune" the body and restore the body's natural harmony. "

Other treatments that will surely long be remembered are Le Grand Soin - flawless facial treatment with massage which can last up to two hours. Sublimage facial and Le Lift facial treatment is also strongly recommended. L'Allure de Chanel Treatment is aimed at lovers of massage, and it uses five exclusive perfumed oils that are named after Chanel perfumes.

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