Sophisticated style oasis in Cancun

If you thought you've seen the best that Cancun can offer, Nizuc Resort & Spa will show you that you're wrong...

This resort is located in the middle, between the bustling Cancun full of tourists, and its opposite. Located in a private enclave of Punta Nizuc, a short distance from the international airport, this resort gives you much more privacy and rest in relation to the famous attractions of this destination. The best part of this resort is certainly a nature reserve which stretches over 29 acres, where summer house of the President of Mexico used to be.

As part of the spa center, there are 274 suites which are divided into three parts and deployed in several buildings, and are therefore much more intimate. The highlight of the most luxurious category are the 29 Garden Pool Villas, 44 Ocean suites, along with 201 Residence apartment. Carved wood, leather, stone and organic materials are what you will see here in every room. The same applies to the huge spa center Nizuc Spa by ESPA, which offers unique therapies inspired by the Mayan culture, and there is also a fitness center, spa cafe and a beauty salon. Here numerous treatments of hydrotherapy, detoxification and relaxation are offered, which are in perfect harmony with tradition.

The area of ​​the resort is filled with fresh air and natural light. At other resorts you will notice that every possible space is turned into a guest room, but here the case is quite the opposite - the ceilings are high and the glass walls are part of the standard. To achieve perfection of environment for relaxation, from the resort you can enjoy views of the white sandy beaches and coral reefs, as well as the perfectly landscaped gardens with palm trees that follow the ideal architecture of this city. The result of this combination is an elegant and refreshing space, where you will be able to relax in the most gracious manner. Part of the resort are two private beaches, five picturesque pools and six restaurants.

Also, here there are three beautiful bars which you can visit if you want to enjoy creative cocktails and desserts. The largest and best bar is definitely A-Kan, which is characterized by a modern structure overlooking the beach. Impeccable cocktails are here an everyday thing and because of that, this place can be called the best bar in the Caribbean. Equally attractive is the Havana loggia, designed for men who want to enjoy handmade cigars of high quality and the best rum.

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