$400,000 Ferrari as victim of crazy a youtuber

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From literally tearing down gates to going off-road and doing donuts, a pompous YouTuber destroys a brand new $400,000 Ferrari by doing crazy stunts with it just to piss off the legendary Italian supercar maker…

Wealthy YouTube influencers are back in the spotlight! This time a pristine Ferrari supercar was subjected to disgusting cruelty in the name of views and likes. Popular American YouTuber Whistlin Diesel, aka Cody, is known for performing crazy car stunts and wrong handling of exotic cars to create viral content on social media. He's the same guy who gained attention on YouTube a few months ago for torturing a red Mercedes-AMG G63 to test its durability and even throwing it at a house. But for his latest video, the YouTuber took his antics to a whole new level and went after the world's most prestigious car brand. Titled "I Bought a $400,000 Ferrari Just to Destroy It," the video shows the influencer trying to kill the 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo with just 4828km on the odometer by putting it through a series of field tests and playing with it in ways that many will not like it.

Ferrari is known for historically being obsessed and even paranoid about its brand image and for suing its customers over the most trivial matters. Remember Deadmau5 and his Purrari? There is a long list of such incidents where the Italian brand has threatened celebrities with lawsuits or simply banned them from buying its cars. WhistlinDiesel's latest video aims to mock Ferrari for this behaviour and a rather open challenge to prosecute them for abusing the F8 Tributo. In fact, the video begins with Cody and his friend joking about Ferrari paranoia with clear references to the Deadmau5 fiasco. The video starts off with breaking key chains, but moves on to much more destructive activities like pushing a water bottle through the front air scoop, drawing on the Ferrari logo with a marker, and even jumping on the fuselage. However, none of that looks as bad as what happens next to the $400,000 supercar.

When he's done tinkering with the F8 in the garage, Cody takes the Ferrari outside, performing wild donuts as it revs its 3.9-liter V8 to life. At one point he even jumps onto the carbon fibre roof to test its strength. He then flipped the supercar into an off-road track and smashed through a fence, nearly crashing into a Toyota Hilux. From this point on, things only get rougher. He slides and drifts this rear-wheel-drive car on a dirt road, with tiny stones and dirt ruining the expensive paint. He then drives it across grassy areas, even getting stuck in mud which throws up numerous warning codes. However, the F8 Tributo still seems to run perfectly.

The YouTuber later drives the car through a torrential downpour that clogs the front splitter and air vents with mud and branches. To get rid of them, Cody washes the Ferrari with a pressure washer strong enough to strip the paint off the body and even destroy some of the less sturdy parts. But the YouTuber isn't done with the Ferrari model just yet. He takes it back to his garage where he puts it in a "cage". But don't be fooled into thinking it's for safely parking Ferrari models. Instead, the YouTuber continues to throw heavy tools and ladders at it to test whether the bubble wrap can keep the Ferrari inside. Knowing Ferrari's history, it will be interesting to see how the Italian marque reacts to this.

WhistlinDiesel and his crazy YouTube stunts

WhistlinDiesel is a popular YouTube content creator from the United States with more than 4.7 million subscribers on the platform at the time of writing. His real name is believed to be Cody Detwiler, but there is very little personal information on the YouTuber. He gained popularity for filming dangerous car stunts and creating wild automotive creations, mostly from trucks. He also owns a twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Huracan and a twin-turbocharged Audi R8 and regularly performs wild supercar stunts.

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