Bugatti Chiron - beast with an abundance of beauty

After the long-awaited debut at the Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti Chiron appeared on the official website of the brand...

Now, on the Bugatti website you can see a special configurator, where traditional blue Chiron can get a variety of colors. This mini website offers fans of the brand, and those lucky people who are planning to buy it, the ability to see how it would look in different versions. With eight color combinations, future and potential owners of Bugatti Chiron model can present their personal style this amazing machine. However, other personalization options are not presented here.

Both parts of this car can get shades ranging from red through blue to black. Colors on the other hand do not have to change it if you want to enjoy superior body of this car, which is made of carbon. The wheels and brakes will be in line with the overall color scheme, while, regardless of choice of exterior driver's cabin can be black, ocher, beige and brown.

Of course, for the right amount of money you can buy a Bugatti Chiron of your dreams. Remember that it will be produced as a limited edition of 500 pieces, the price is 2.61 million dollars.

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