When you are racing in the fastest Formula 1 team, you're practically a star just because of that fact...

Lewis Hamilton is not only one of the best drivers in F1 ever, but also one of the most popular and Pagani is one of his choices when it comes to cars for private use.

Is there even a car which can give you pleasure when driving an F1 car? As far as performance,  we do not think so. Especially if it is a car that is also beautiful to the eye. Up to now, you could see Lewis in cars such as Maserati Gran Cabrio, or Shelby Cobra 427 SuperSnake.

He also owns a SL 65AMG Black Series, including SLS AMG Black Series, and the McLaren MP4-12C is there, but the car which he says is best for driving, in addition to Formula 1, the Pagani Zonda 760LH (LH - Lewis Hamilton), who specially made by his order.

Lewis affectionately calls this car Batmobile infection, and there is little to say that leaves you breathless. This edition comes with 760ks and manual transmission, which not only shows how much he loves to drive, but also what kind of car gives you the option to really enjoy the ride, when you are a double Formula One champion.

Otherwise, the Zonda will 760LH from standstill to 100km / h reaches in less than 3 seconds. If there is a person who can achieve this time with manual transmission, then this is without a doubt Lewis Hamilton.

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