New Versions of Rolls Royce Phantom

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More photos

Rolls-Royce brand decided to introduced two new versions of the Rolls Royce Phantom models - Coupe Tiger and Ghost Golf Edition ...

They are the novelties presented at the Dubai Motor Show a few days ago. Phantom Coupe Tiger is a unique model inspired by the animal kingdom, with beautiful shades Burnt Orange and Arizona Sun in eskterijeru, and motif Tiger.

Inside the driver's compartment, you will see Tan and Seashell leather seats with embroidered motifs on Tiger head restraints. This special Rolls-Royce has a velor Moccasin wool, details of Macccasser ebony and smooth Tiger Phantom Coupe tiles.

On the other hand, Ghost Golf Edition was created specifically for Rolls Royce store in Dubai. This model is inspired by the immaculate golf, and hence has Brooklands Green and Desert Dune exterior. Inside the driver's compartment, this special model has a tricolor theme, with shades of Crème Light, Hotspur and Pine Green, for which it will be clear why they are so called.

Other important elements which we must mention the picnic tables in his back and carpets of wool of superior quality. There are also different accents inspired by golf, such as door pockets that are set tartan, details of mahogany and clips of persimmon.

Which do you prefer?

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