Prince Charles' Tesla Model S for sale

Want to experience the life of a member of the royal family? Apparently, you can do that in several ways, and one of them is the purchase of a luxury Tesla model used by Prince Charles…

On sale at a price of 113,691 dollars, this six-month-old model came as a loan from the company Tesla into the hands of Prince Charles, enabling him a green form of transportation. Used, although really rarely, by the duke himself, the top electric Tesla Model S has only 11,000 kilometres on the odometer, and according to experts, its price has not been increased due to the royal pedigree. The dark silver model has a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour and was actually one of Prince Charles favourite modes of transportation.

Prince Charles extended the loan period before returning it to the representative office, because he really enjoyed driving this car. With a transition range of 650 kilometres and acceleration from zero to one hundred kilometres per hour in just 3.1 seconds, the car recently went into the hands of the company.

Commenting on it, Phil Corker, director of procurement at, said: "We bought a Tesla used by Prince Charles over the past few months based on a tip-off from this great company." Now, the car can be bought by anyone through luxury car dealers, Castle Motors, who added: “We have not increased the price due to the royal connections of this model. Moreover, we didn't even mention that it was in any way connected with the royal family when we put it up for sale, but we decided to list it through the offer relatively recently. "

Well, if you want to go from point A to point B with style, maybe this Tesla Model S is the right thing for you.

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