The most expensive car accessories

These accessories are so expensive, that for that money, you can buy a brand new car…

Since we’re talking about the most expensive car accessories, some of the most extravagant and expensive cars will be seen on our list, and that is the logical thing. If you thought that some people are satisfied with owning 200 or 300 thousand dollars vehicles, you are so wrong!

Passionate car lovers with thick valets like to provide their little four wheeled pets with some unique things which will accentuate their power and appearances. These car accessories are very rare and incredibly expensive. Check them out!

#9 Leather in Porsche

We all know that leather decorated cars are something special. That’s exactly what’s going on with Porsche cars, but the additional leather elements are quite expensive. If you’d like to have leather sun visors, they will cost up to $740. If you’d like to have leather air-vent slats by any chance, you should now that your purchase bill will be $2.920 more expensive.

#8 Additional seats in Tesla

Tesla is definitely the car of the future, which can offer you plenty things. However, if you think that you need some extra seats in this car, don’t worry, there’s a solution for that problem, but it comes with a really big price tag. Additional seats which are specially made for Tesla model S cost up to $3.000.

#7 Sliding doors for Range Rover Autography

Well, we do not know why anyone would ever use Range Rover as a delivery vehicle. Still, the possibility of having a sliding trunk is available and that would cost you up to $5.100. They come made of walnut or Makassar ebony, which perfectly blends practicality with the understated and always desirable style.

#6 New “suit” for Range Rover Autography

One extra addition for this car can cost you very, very much. Range Rover production factory offers a special premium paint which costs $1.800, but if you’re still not satisfied with that, you can pick out a two-color DualTone variant, which can cost up to $14.500.

#5 Starry sky for Rolls Royce Wraith

This Rolls comes with a special offer – you can install a special starry night sky in its interior, which consists of thousand micro-optic glowing fibers, which simulate the dark night sky, covered with stars. If you’d like to have this ambient pleasure, you also need to have a spare $14.700.

#4 Louis Vuitton luggages for BMW

If you by any chance own the incredibly luxurious BMW i8, than it is good for you to know, that you can order special, handmade Louis Vuitton bags, which go with it. This way, your things and personal belongings can really travel in style, for the price of $20.000.

#3 Timepiece which unlocks an Aston Martin

Why would you ever need a key when you can have The Jaeger-LeCoultre Amvox2 which unlocks your Aston? This is an additional luxury option which James Bond himself would like to have. You can have it if you wish, for $24.000.

#2 Carbon fibers on your Pagani

Supercar like Pagani Huayra deserves a special treatment, and also a special color. Because of that, when you’re ordering your Pagani, you can request a special offering, which will give you the option of having a carbon fiber shell. This will make your car unique, but you do need $152.000. You can build a villa for that money.  

#1 Timepiece for Bentley Bentayga

This clock is actually a self-winding tourbillion and a true horology masterpiece. It comes with a casing made of white of yellow gold. The dial can be created in two versions – white or ebony black other of pearl. Indices on this clock are made of diamonds, while the tourbillion has its own titanium cage. The clock is located in its own special unit, so it is electrically rotated. Its mechanisms have three winding manners, aside from the standard one. The light which illuminates the instrument board, also throws light on this clock, so you can see the exact time in any given moment.  This is, by the way, the most expensive car accessory and it costs $200.000.

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