Unique Ferrari as an hommage to the famous racer

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There is no better way to pay tribute to the most beloved unique Ferrari model, than to create its modern reinterpretation...

The Dutch design company Roij Design is engaged in creating bodies and is in charge of just such a model. The brand recently unveiled its latest bespoke project of a fully modified 550 Maranello car, inspired by the 250 GT SWB Breadvan series of the incredible racing champion of the sixties. Named the Breadvan Hommage, the modernized sports car has been transformed into a unique caravan with racing performance that would definitely make the original model proud.

The very elegant-looking Spidster was bought by a collector obsessed with Ferrari, judging by the Dutch brand. Since its modern form is not nearly as round as that of the La Camionnette, or small truck, as the 250 GT SWB Breadvan was known, it still has a very similar hand-crafted shape, including the passenger compartment interior, which extends all the way to the rear.

However, this is not the only modification that has been performed, because the car also has a completely new bumper, a dome hood with transparent segments, hand-created headlights and cast double air intakes. In fact, the only part of the 550 Maranello's body that hasn't been completely changed is its windshield.

The interior is an example of almost the same number of significant modifications, with the control panel now featuring retro instrument clocks, seats and quality leather upholstery, with the exception of two carbon-fiber car seats, both of which feature bold blue Alcantara upholstery. The doors are also equipped with strips that are reminiscent of other sports models of the sixties.

Despite all the modifications on the exterior and interior of the car, its chassis was left in its original condition, due to the fact that it is still powered by the same V8 engine with a volume of 5.5 liters, as well as other 550 Maranellos models. This unit comes accompanied by a six-speed manual transmission and generates a very impressive 478 hp and 568 Nm of torque. The main mechanical change includes a manually created and improved exhaust system and a unique set of Koni shock absorbers, which make the driving even stiffer.

Unfortunately, just like the strange racing vehicle on which it is based, the new car will come in a unique edition, albeit with only one copy. However, the leaders of the Dutch brand have clearly emphasized that they are open to cooperation with collectors who want to turn their dreams into reality, so that someone with enough luck and money can afford something similar in their beautiful gallery.

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