Bugatti's Racing History Inspires Bolide Customers

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Bugatti recently hosted an exclusive event at its home in Molsheim, inviting future owners of the limited-edition Bolide to immerse themselves in the brand's rich racing heritage. The event was designed to provide a bespoke motorsport-inspired journey and to celebrate the vision behind the unique track-only Bolide.

The event took place at Château Saint Jean, Bugatti's home since 1928, where customers had the opportunity to explore the racing history of the brand and gain inspiration for their personalized Bolide designs. The Bolide was created to embody the purest form of the W16 engine, combining advanced engineering with a century of motorsport success. Throughout the day, guests delved into the genius of Ettore Bugatti, experienced the craftsmanship of Molsheim, and had a session with Bugatti's designer to finalize their bespoke Bolide designs.

The immersion into Bugatti's racing past began with an exhilarating on-road experience in the Bugatti Type 35, the most successful racing car of all time. Led by Luigi Galli, Specialist Heritage and Certification at Bugatti, guests got a taste of the revolutionary design and performance that made the Type 35 legendary. Back at the Château, guests explored Bugatti's historic motorsport successes through bespoke sketches created by the design team. Iconic cars such as the Type 57G 'Tank' and the Type 13 Brescia were showcased, along with a legendary Type 59/50B III race car.

Luigi brought each car to life, sharing stories of their innovative features, heroic drivers, and historic race victories. The journey showcased Bugatti's century-long commitment to innovation and paved the way to the Bolide.

Guided by Jascha Straub, Sales and Design Executive at Bugatti, guests collaborated on the customization of their Bolides. Based on trust and understanding, Jascha worked closely with each customer, discussing historic color combinations and ways to pay tribute to Bugatti's racing legacy. The guests had their first seat-fitting experience, ensuring maximum support and comfort in the Bolide's seats. With a choice between race-focused materials like Alcantara and suede or the luxury of leather, customers added their personal touch to the interior. Colors inspired by Bugatti's history, such as the famous French Racing Blue, were offered as a tribute.

To ignite their imagination further, guests had the opportunity to experience a hot lap on a state-of-the-art simulator, allowing them to virtually explore the Bolide's capabilities on renowned tracks like Monza and Spa-Francorchamps.

Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director of Bugatti Automobiles, expressed his delight in welcoming customers to Molsheim and emphasized the significance of the Bolide as a defining moment for the brand. Production of the Bolide is set to commence in 2024 at the Molsheim Atelier, bringing customers one step closer to owning their own racing-inspired masterpieces.

The event concluded the design and personalization journey, leaving Bolide customers with the knowledge that their bespoke Bolides are now part of Bugatti's esteemed racing history.

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